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Hey, ookay, ich glaube, ich baue meine Kritik für diese Geschichte mal etwas ungewöhnlich auf. Am Anfang fällt mir auf, dass du den Rau...

What I first noticed was the green reflections of the glowing code on her hair, skin and coat. In my opinion this is really well execut...

Edit: Hey watchers, what are you waiting for? Nobody interested in a feature here on my journal? Just leave a comment and I feature you. There's still 6 slots left :eager:

I wanted to post this journal earlier but I was busy working on my novel for NaNoWriMo in November. And in December I had to do some preparations for Christmas. Then came the holidays, and I was busy visiting friends and family. Therefore I do the journal now to start with something positive and creative into the New Year 2018 :eager: :woohoo:

10 Features

First ten people to comment I will choose to feature three of your works that I really admire and tell you why I like them. You're supposed to do the same in return (but no one's going to make you xD). First one is Goddess-of-Gales, because she featured me first. But also because she deserves it, too, for being so kind and awesome.

1. :icongoddess-of-gales: Keyseekers - Ch1
Chapter One
- Fire Warg -

Three Years Later...
Zerena stirred from her unintentional nap. Her eyes fluttered open. She was in a vast, open field of tall green and golden grasses, surrounded by an ancient wood. The nearby forest was thick with tall trees. Adorned with their new, spring leaves, they spanned the horizons as far as the eye could see. Ruins of an ancient civilization lost at the hands of time lay scattered throughout the area. The old stone structures were so overgrown with vines and mosses, they seemed as though they were a natural part of this world.
           Far in the distance—towards the north—stood a colossal castle-like fortress—Windale Keep. Built of large, interlocking stones, it was the only structure that remained completely intact for miles around. Though it was in constant need of repairs, whoever had originally constructed the old castle, had certainly built it to last. The fort had always serv
Lyra Darkmatter - Request by Goddess-of-Gales Faerie Sketch by Goddess-of-Gales 

I watched her because of her beautigful digital paintings as well as her stories. I really enjoyed reading her Keyseekers Chapter 1 because it is full of beautiful descriptions without being too slow. It has action, and story, and lovely characters. I so wish I find more time to continue reading. Then I picked her painting of Lyra Darkmatter which has such a well done dark atmosphere. I especially like the lighting effect she used here as well as the skeleton in the background. The whole painting is full of great details. And last but nor least I found a lovely traditional drawing of a faery in her gallery. The wings are especially beautiful. Just well done.  She cannot only do digital art but great traditional art, too. So check out her gallery, if you want to see more of her lovely works :nod:

2. :icontutziputz: Hello Mr. PresidentGern hätt’ ich diesen Tag verpennt,
Trump ist nun der Präsident.
Hirnlos, plump und egomanisch,
macht er mich ein wenig panisch.
Dieser Mann beherrscht die Welt,
macht, was immer ihm gefällt,
Hetzt und schimpft, ist voller Hass
Seine Dummheit, die ist krass.
Und er zieht in jede Schlacht.
Liebe Welt, dann gute Nacht!
  Saviya - Prolog (ueberarbeitet) by Tutziputz  Der KreisAuf dem Blatt des Bärenklau
Schimmert schwach ein Tropfen Tau.
Die Welt, sie schläft so früh am Morgen,
Stille herrscht, noch fern die Sorgen.
Nur schwach durchdringt die Nebelschicht
Des neuen Tages erstes Licht.
Doch die Nebel steigen schnell,
Schon scheint die Sonne gleißend hell.
Der Tropfen - groß ist er und perfekt rund -
Nun funkelt er und leuchtet bunt.
Insekten kann er Wasser geben.
Es summt und brummt, es tobt das Leben.
Und doch kann es nicht von Dauer sein,
Schon ist der Tropfen winzig klein.
Und als es wird so richtig heiß,
Bleibt bald nur aus Salz ein Kreis...
Doch obgleich der Tropfen scheint verloren,
Wird er des Nachts doch neu geboren.

He writes short stories, poems, and even novels in German only. I really enjoy reading his writings, especially his poems which are often filled with black humour and make me smile. It was really difficult to choose just 3 pieces from his gallery, but finally I decided. So I feature "Hello Mr. President" a satirical poem about Trump winning the election. While humorous like I said, it is also filled with the anxiety many feel about what the future may hold for us. The second piece is the prologue to his novel "Saviya". I read the whole novel and the sequel, "Tanuri" and really enjoyed it. While looking like a "standard" fantasy tale on the surface, it is filled with humour and humorus criticism of genre cliches and still tells a really enjoyable story. Especially the final chapter, the epilogue of "Tanuri", caught my eye because in it a modern political order is established without breaking the medieval, high-fantasy atmosphere. And that's quite remarkable in my eyes and what makes this work stand out. Last but not least I chose the older poem "Der Kreis". It shows in a few, beautiful lines the circle of life. A droplet of water is formed, nurtures insects during the day, finally evaporates, and is formed anew in the cool night. This shows that not all of his writings are humorous but he writes beautiful, more serious pieces, too. If you can read German, check out his gallery to discover more of his wonderful poems and stories. By the way, he aslo writes great short stories which I didn't include in the feature here.

3. :iconthe12thtaxi: Old friend at the Park by The12thtaxi  Kitchen Table Charcoal by The12thtaxi  Madonna by The12thtaxi

His gallery is full of paintings and drawings and some photos so I found it difficult to just choose 3 of his works. I finally decided upon three paintings because I mainly watch him for his unique painting style. The first one is a painting of his friend in the park. I really like how he portraits his friend amidst this beautiful landscape with a river and bridge. He has a lot more landscape paintings in his gallery, some with and some without people in them. I chose this because it is not only a beautiful painting but I really like the calm atmosphere of it. A great work. Second I chose his still life of a kitchen table. While only a quick sketch in coal, I really like the stark contrast between the black lines and the pale background. This gives the drawing it's own, unique character what I like a lot. Third I chose his painting of Madonna from a magazine. This is just one example of his unique style to paint people and give them their unique character. I really like how this painting of a blonde, strong woman turned out. Well done. If you're interested in seeing more of his great artworks, pay a visit to his gallery. You will enjoy it.

4. :icongoddess-of-gales: Annabeth - Art Trade by Goddess-of-Gales   The Duat - Ch 1Chapter One - The Road Ahead
An Egyptian woman reclined on a bed made of stone. She was clothed in a plain, white kalasiris that draped down to her ankles. A bronze belt fasted tightly upon her waist, emphasizing her femininity. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her neck and chest in tiny braids adorned with beads of bright blue and gold. Her skin was the shade of golden tan desert sands. She wore several pieces of jewelry—earrings and bracelets of gold, lapis, and turquoise. She stirred as though awakening from a deep slumber. Though her body was paralyzed, her dark eyes were able to scan the room from the corners of their sockets.
        She witnessed a startling sight. A man that was half bird loomed over her with a clawed hand. Dressed in warrior's garments he stood on two feet, yet possessed the head and wings of a falcon. The woman's first instinct was to cry out in fright, but she could not speak. It felt as though her mouth had been s
   AT - Mortem by Goddess-of-Gales

Currently, the winter came back with lots of snow and makes me wait longer for spring. So I chose the picture of a dog in a spring meadow. I really like the painting. It is so sweet, it warmes my heart. Especially during these days where I am waiting for spring to finally arrive.
Second, I chose chapter 1 of her story "The Duat". It is a well-written, colourful description of the Egyptian underworld, maybe not the whole underworld but a part of it. I am curious to find out more about the main character Eshe and her adventures. I really like the idea that she used to be a pristess during her life and now carries on serving her goddess, Isis, in the afterlife. Also I'm interested in Egyptian mythology, but so far I know only very little about it. So this beautifully written story makes me discover more of the mythology.
Third, I chose the picture of a dog-like creature in a graveyard. I especially like the dark mood and the lighting. It is so well done. I also think that a dog with an exoskeleton and a burning flame at the tip of its tail is pretty awesome. The painting is an art trade, but the creature portrayed is still very well painted. In my eyes, it is a very creative picture.








If you're a writer and looking for critique on your literature deviations, that's the place to go! In this group we exchange critiques on literature deviations of all kinds on a regular basis :typerhappy:


New Camera

Last year I bought myself a new camera as a Christmas present. It's a DSLR, Canon EOS 700D, the kind of camera I've always wanted :woohoo: :happybounce:
So I might upload some photos from time to time. I still don't know that much about my new camera, but I can already use it ;)


A few months ago I started a new job. I really like it, but it keeps me occupied for most of the time. So I won't be as active on dA as I used to be, but I will regularly log into my account. And of course I will be around to manage my literature group.

Thanks for reading and have a great start into the New Year 2018 :sun:
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Hier könnt ihr auch meine Shadowrun-Geschichten auf Deutsch lesen, allerdings gibt es hier auf dA weit mehr von mir. Ich lade es langsam, nur nach und nach jetzt auch auf hoch. (April 4, 2015)


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